Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr., founded Tannas Electronics in 1973 in Orange, California, as a consultancy specializing in all facets of electronic information displays, including electronics, avionics, material science, color science, human factors, etc. Also a well-known author, lecturer and expert witness with BS & MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from UCLA, he most-recently has been fully involved as President of Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc.



Mr. Tannas is a widely recognized authority on electronic information displays and provides extensive independent consultation to the industry at large.

Expert Witness

He has been quoted and consulted by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week Magazine, Nikkei (Japan Technical News), Business Tokyo, Scientific America, Los Angeles Times, Electronic News, EE Times, and others.


Mr. Tannas is actively engaged in lecturing at conferences and institutions. He regularly gives short courses at UCLA in their Engineering Extension program.


Mr. Tannas has organized and conducts a series of formal short courses and customized seminars for the industry, government and universities.


Since the first publications of resized LCDs in May of 1999 (Ref 1 & 2), they have been used in simulators, avionics and as replacements for custom LCDs, CRTs, ELDs and Plasma Panels.


Mr. Tannas has been a consultant in the electronics industry for over 25 years. His consulting area of expertise has been electronic displays. His work spans every aspect of electronics information displays from research and development, manufacturing, test and measurement, applications, human factors, marketing, etc. to advanced planning and concepts. Most of his activity of […]


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